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Bone Densitometry

A bone density test takes approximately 10 minutes. You will lie on a comfortable table and be positioned by a Radiology Technologist. You will not feel anything during the test, and there will not be any effects after the test is completed.

Please be sure you come prepared to answer a questionnaire, which will include a history of previous screening. This is vital so that we can compare previous test results with results from today’s test.

Your results will be read by one of Anchor’s Certified Clinical Densitometrist and provided to your primary care physician who will share the results with you.

Please follow these instructions carefully.

  • Wear clothing free of any metal (including zippers, metal hooks on bras, etc.)
  • Do not take calcium pills for two full days (48 hours) before your bone density test.  
  • If you have had any recent test, for which you had to take barium or if you have had a recent nuclear scan, you must wait seven (7) days to have your bone density test performed.  
  • Please arrive fifteen (15) minutes before your appointment in order to complete a questionnaire.